Collection of arguments for and against keeping rabbinic "orthodox" Halacha


  • Respect of the authority of the "Seat of Moshe" for practical rulings for the people.
  • Trust in G-d's supervision and ultimate guidance of the Jewish religious leadership.
  • Preservation of unity of the people.
  • Exercise of obedience and submission.
  • Recognition of the wisdom of the rabbinic rulings and the resulting "orthodox" Halacha for creating and maintaining a G-d-focussed community ready for priestly and royal service.


  • Breach of trust and respect because of rulings against Yeshua and his followers.
  • Freedom of the Spirit.
  • Personal relationship with G-d and ability to receive direct practical guidance by the Spirit.
  • Did we enter the Messianic age with new rules applying from now on?
  • Does being Jew or Gentile no longer matter since Yeshua was born, such that the calling of the Jewish people and the laws of the covenant are fulfilled, done with and ended with Yeshua's life on earth and death on the cross?

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