Defining Jewish Identity in the Messianic Jewish Context

Websurvey for contributions to the discussion:

Link collection

Messianic sites:

Intro for discussion of Jewish Identity Issue at There To Serve
"Messianic Believers Reflections on Identity" in Journal of Psychology and Theology
R. Kirk Gliebe: Jewish Children and Messianic Jewish Identity
David Sedaka: Search for a Genuine Messianic Jewish Identity
Messianic Jewish Rabbinical Council on Jewish Status

Messianic Jewish Rabbinical Council on Conversion
Richard Harvey: What Shapes Jewish Identity
Post by Derek Leman on Ebionites, Messianic Jews, Identity, and Commitment
Post by Derek Leman on Messianic Jewish Identity
Discussion page on Messianic Jewish Identity at Messianic Judaism Quest
Bookreview of Baruch Maoz: Judaism is not Jewish
Jews for Jesus - Answers: Jewish Identity

Non-Messianic Jewish sites:

Understanding Jewish Identity (AJU Student Theses 2004)

Other sites:

Jewish-Christian relations: Building a positive versus a negative identity (Pauline Bebe)
Discussion Forum>Messianic Judaism: Messianic Jewish Conversion - A Natural Progression for any Believer in Messiah
The Columbus Dispatch: Messianic Jews are not to be treated as Jewish

Academic Research:

Social Anthropological study of Contemporary Messianic Jewish Identity in Israel

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