Should we use the traditional Siddur, make our own, or pray free?

Questions for forum discussion regarding liturgical prayer:

Regarding rabbinic authority:

Does Yeshua's statement about the Pharisees sitting in the seat of Moses apply to the Sidur? Are we required to accept the rulings of rabbinic authority and do as they say?

Does Yeshua institute with His teachings a new Rabbinic authority, which is then continued on by the leaders of the believing community by apostolic succession?

=> As Messianic Jewish believers, shall we follow Church tradition, or Jewish tradition, make up our own with elements from both, or not follow any tradition but just spontaneous guidance of the Holy Spirit?

Regarding the usage of the traditional Siddur:

Does the Siddur carry a different Spirit than prayer according to the teachings of Yeshua?

Should we join prayers in regular synagoges and follow the prayers accompanying the Jewish circle of life?

If we do:
  • What do we do with passages that seem to be aimed against Yeshua and His followers?
  • What do we do with the absence of direct referral to Yeshua?

Looking forward for your comments and contributions!

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