Question 1.2:
Is the Olive Tree something bigger than the Jewish people?
Being One in Messiah, the Messiah/Saviour/King/Lord of Jews and gentiles alike, doesn't necessarily mean that everyone has to become a Jew. G-d can redeem whole nations and people groups, and they will have their own story of redemption in which they came to recognize the Lord and accepted to serve G-d, who is the G-d of Israel, but also the G-d of all of His creation. In his plan of salvation of His creation the nation of Israel plays a key role, which is undeniable. Moreover, it is his chosen dwelling place, but the national and agricultural holidays, for example, are specific for the Jewish people and the land of Israel.

Could the Olive Tree be the people of G-d, of which Israel is the firstborn, such that who is being grafted in the Olive Tree gets grafted in the family tree of G-d, to which Israel already naturally belongs?

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