Discussion: Defining Jewish Identity in the Messianic Jewish Context

I'll try to take up one of the topics that are on my mind and heart. Maybe we can have a fruitful exchange about it.

For the Messianic Jewish community, as well as for the broader Jewish world, I think it is time to come to a definition of the Jewish identity and what it means to be Jewish. With this I would like to provide an answer to the question of public interest: Can "Messianic Jews" rightfully claim to be Jews?

I. Introduction - Defining Jewish Identity

Part 0 : What makes up an identity?

II. Jewish Identity in the Messianic Jewish Context

Part 1: Is there a distiction to be made between Jewish believers and followers of Yeshua and non-Jewish ones?
Part 2: What are the special responsabilities of the Jewish people?

Looking forward for your comments and contributions!

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