Question 1.3:
Is Christianity supposed to be true Judaism and the Church supposed to be true Israel?

The original realization standing at the birth of the messianic Jewish movement is G-d's faithfulness regarding the promises given to the Jewish people and the irrevocability of the calling. Replacement theology is found faulty. Being a Jew is not a curse that needs to be washed off at baptism together with all the sins, but it is a responsability, which remains, just as a parent retains the responsabilities of a parent after baptism, - surely not without relying on G-d's help, guidance and direction in order to fulfill these responsabilities.

RESPONSE: Absolutely! We're God's "Chosen" - that's an honor, not a curse!

One of the definitions of messianic Judaism being offered at Youtube holds that Messianic Jews are Jews and Gentiles united by the Messiah Yeshua, which refrain from certain "Christian" traditions, and keep certain other Jewish ordinances. This sounds like an attempt to reform and correct the Church, creating a new, more biblical-correct movement within the Church.

Have you ever seen my "Challenging Mainstream Christianity" and "Challenging Traditional Judaism" pages? They're at http://therefinersfire.org/ca.htm and http://therefinersfire.org/challenging_christianity.htm

I think the messianic Jewish movement understood as a correction of mainstream Christianity is a response to the replacement theology, which had taken hold of main stream Christianity. If claimimg to have replaced Israel and if claiming the promises of Israel for oneself, once realizing that G-d didn't trash Israel and does uphold his promises to Israel, those that claim to be the true Israel and claim the promises belonging to the Jewish people for themselfs, after realizing their mistake, if they continue to uphold their claim they have to join the Jewish people and keep the rules and instructions that go along with it.

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